Personal Talent Development

What can you expect from us?

pRESPECT will continue to support individuals to work towards career and job opportunities. Specifically, we aim to support ethnic minorities access sustainable jobs that require specific and in demand skills.

We will do this by:

Accessing and contributing toward affordable relevant online course costs to boost skills.

Support with improving online presence, such as LinkedIn, which is now becoming the main place to find out what employers, recruiters and specific industries are doing during lockdown.

Providing talent development focused one-to-one sessions

Providing regular updates on industry and labour market news.

Running interesting how-to workshops such as; building websites, creating engaging PowerPoint presentations, live CV writing workshops and more.

Our expectations from individuals accessing our service:

You take ownership of your journey with us.

The final decision on what course you want to learn, or jobs you want to apply for, will be up to you.

That you keep a journal of your tasks and steps taken to achieve your goals.

That you use our website booking system to book one to one session with us.

That you  treat pRESPECT staff and other individuals engaged with the project with patience, dignity and respect. We are a small organisation working very hard to support you in the limited ways we can, but we will not not be able to answer all your needs. For instance, we are unable to provide you with a job, rather we can support you to find job opportunities and to make the best applications to them that you can.

Job rejections are to be expected. No matter how good your application, you may not get the role. Please understand that you won't receive preferential treatment because you have applied through us BUT we can help you bounce back from rejection and be ready to take on the world!


Professional CV and Cover Letter Guidance

First impressions counts

and your cover letter and CV are the first things an employer will discover about you. Pitching the cover letter just right can be a tricky business. 


We help you discover your strengths and interests to bring life to your introduction. We can help you make your own CV slick, concise and appropriate. Skills you will take with you as you move on in your career.


pRESPECT provides group on-location workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh with follow up online sessions to allow flexibility.

Group Workshops


One on One...

When prespecters are ready,

we provide 1 to 1 mentoring to refine your presentation skills and help alleviate anxiety before an interview, provide practical support if you are not successful in your interview and aftercare once you are in work, one to one support will be given to work on your career plan. 



Networking Opportunities

We bring prespecters

and employers together in mutually respectful environments where roles are reversed, expectations challenged and networks formed. 'It's not what you know, but who know.'


Networking helps to give prespecters a foot in the door and allows employers to discover talent outside of their social and business circle.


Working with AAI EmployAbility means we can support with practical interview preparations to paid opportunities for candidates to apply for. 


Going through our program means that applicants are fully prepared with more than just paper qualifications and good luck.

Access & Support to Paid Opportunities

Extra Support During Phase 1 & 2

Click the button to download application form:

We are aware that some individuals in our group and communities are suffering in silence and not accessing all the community support available. 

Please try the following COVID-19 emergency response resources:

Glasgow Helps: https://www.glasgowhelps.org/ 

Edinburgh Community directory: https://directory.evoc.org.uk/ 

Citizen Advice Scotland https://www.cas.org.uk/ 

We are a small organisation and do not have a dedicated financial assistance fund, but we are putting aside limited funding to provide emergency food box delivery from:


M&S Food Boxes

Morrisons Food Boxes

Failte Food (Glasgow based)


This support  will depend on availability and priority of needs. Anyone that we cannot support we will try our best to signpost to another organisation. 



  • Have used or are a Prespect member (if not contact Viana for a chat) 

  • Can show evidence of having no access to other support services 

  • Have a working permit 

  • Priority will be given to families, individuals, and students from ethnic minority backgrounds and those who can work BUT have no recourse to public funds



We proudly endorse the #STOPITProtocol and firmly stand against hate both online and offline. www.lydiaamoah.com/stopitprotocol/ 

Funding and Partners

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