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Big SALE on Udemy!

OK. To be honest Udemy almost always has some sort of sale and it's always worth waiting before commintting to a course to see whether it has suddenly gone from £199 to £19.99, but this particular one has 90% of their courses going from £9.99 until the 14th of May 2020.

Now's the time, people.

While we still have a few weeks of Lockdown to go, why not get in a complete course like the above - excel is a lot more varsatile and in demand when a user REALLY knows what they can do with it.

There are TENS of THOUSANDS of courses. Be sure to Filter only the ones that have the top scores with a large number of students (or where the lecturer has a high score if it's a new course) and read the reviews. Also, if you're going for computer courses start at Beginner level unless you really do understand the course description and module details.

I have enrolled on quite a few of the courses and, although I haven't completed all of them (they do require time & effort), they have really helped with my degree course. One course I completed was the Java programming language and this made it really easy to complete that module at Uni. Although I didn't complete the HTML, CSS... course, it went to a higher level than my HNC (even though only at the half-way point!) and again allowed me to fly through that course at Uni.

Generally, the courses are for life so you have time to complete them and can repeat as often as you like. You can ask questions of the lecturer but they'll have different response levels (or none).

Udemy isn't just about tech courses, however. There are thousands of courses at all levels and specialisms. To give an idea of the range:

There are 13 categories (others are: Business, Finance & Accounting, Office Productivity, Design, Photography, Health & Fitness, Teaching & Academics) each with between 6 & 17 sub categories each with at least 10 subjects.

While writing this article and looking through the offers I couldn't resist and bought a course called Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Security Applied 2020 £9.99 from £199! So, I'm goiing to stop now before I buy more than I can possibly do!

BTW we are not in any way connected to Udemy - except as students who have enjoyed the courses. Udemy is not the only learning platform we have used and we will be recommending other platforms as well. Watch this space.

For those of you already in pRESPECT who join a course, you can also join our Accountability Group Sessions to help keep you on track. I shall book in myself in now and join you later in the week.


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